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We pride ourselves in our work.  Over the years we have consistently provided accurate and  detailed reporting to our clients.   In most cases, you will receive your comprehensive report within 2-4 business days.   It will be presented to you along with a clear and concise summary.  We will look for all outstanding encumbrances and any title deficiencies as well as confirm ownership of the property.  If you are seeking something specific, we will endeavor to find that as well.  We are experienced Title Searchers with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Services include full title searches (40+ years), sub-searches (history brought forward from current owner), Judgment searches (Land Registry and Queen's Bench), Land Title Searches, etc.  Remember, if you're looking for it, we'll find it.  Contact us with your questions. We provide searches for any location in New Brunswick

CONTACT MARGARET SANIPASS  FOR ALL YOUR BUSINESS AND INDIVIDUAL SEARCHING SERVICES - Real Property,  Personal Property/Lien Searches, Litigation and Judgment Searches.  

We service ALL of New Brunswick.  

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If you're looking for it, we'll find it!

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